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Get the right look for your page with a social media makeover

Give your social media a make-over

Even the most carefully planned updates can fall flat if your page hasn’t been set up properly. We’ll can revamp your existing page, making it more user-friendly and visually appealing.


To make your page effective we make sure it’s set up with three elements working together:

  • A strategy that’s in line with your brand and your business goals.
  • Visually appealing to your audience.
  • Technically sound with the right boxes ticked so the right people see your posts.

Don’t have a page yet? We’ll create one and launch it for you!

Merging Facebook pages

In some cases clients come to us with two or more existing pages for the one business. This can be confusing for your followers and can weaken your brand. We can integrate them and keep your page likes, rather than starting all over again and losing your following.

Once your page is set up you have two options:

  • Manage it yourself (with extra help from us if you need).
  • Full management from us (we don’t do co-posting).

Social media makeover with client Green Dragon

Melinda does best what I don't...Social Media. I run a small business offering both services and products. Melinda was on the mark when it came to rationalising pages and profiles so that I could get on with what I'm good at. My Facebook pages now reflect my brand and there is more room to move. Next stop Instagram

Ian Blewitt, Green Dragon Sports.