About Us

Welcome to CyberTribes, home to a team of specialists who are passionate about helping you grow your business through the power of social media.

Our team of social media experts

I’m Melinda, founder and owner of CyberTribes. A mother of six, an Indigenous rights activist and artist.

My passion for social media started long before Facebook existed, as a visual arts graduate from UNSW, College of Fine Arts. At the time I was involved in several community art projects, and discovered I had a knack for building communities from the ground up. This sparked a ten-year career in community development.

As a community worker I found the best way to create a strong a community is from within, by connecting with the people who are part of it and working together. And when I started using social media it opened up a whole new way of engaging with people and growing followings.

It was then that I realised what a powerful tool it could be for mobilising communities. Eager to know more, I immersed myself in the different platforms and figured out what makes them tick. As my knowledge grew I built more online communities for causes I care about. One of them a Facebook group, Indigenous Rise, has over 3,900 members from all over the world and is growing daily.

Since then I’ve helped other organisations and businesses create loyal and engaged communities online and now, together with my team at CyberTribes, I want to help you.

Our mission

How we can help you

You can either hire CyberTribes to manage your page or community for you, teach you how to do it better through coaching or workshops, or consult with you to develop strategies for your goals.

Our approach

At CyberTribes we live for organic engagement, because it gets the best long term results for your business.
We focus on helping you align your social media with your brand values in ways that build an authentic connection with your followers, fostering word of mouth, loyalty and repeat business.

How we work

First, we sit down with you to understand your business goals and what you want to achieve. Then we can recommend a strategy or service that would work best for you…
If needed we bring in other experts to work on elements you need, like photography, videography, logo and graphic design, website development, crowdfunding, SEO, and copywriting.

Meet the Team

Thanks Melinda for helping to grow my business. It’s only been 1 week and my facebook page looks much more professional & the likes have increased by 30%! I'm actually starting to enjoy the facebook thing rather than dreading it!!
I love that I can message you anytime and you are quick to respond…with the answer! I’m enjoying your posts and its nice to have someone else who is so positive about my business posting on my page. In one week I have had 9 new clients which for me is an increase 22% - Thank you!!! Please keep up the great work.

Rachel Thompson, Fresh Fruit and Veggies